The Trip


By: Paul Hennessy


I just stepped off the ferry and boy is it sunny. Luckily, I came prepared. This was anything but spontaneous.

Water surrounds this place. It’s everywhere, welcoming visitors from all over.

The island of Santa Catalina feels like Europe, where I was all those years ago. It’s truly a beautiful place. Something you have to see to appreciate. Palm trees everywhere and colorful houses built right into the mountains. So many tourists coming off cruise ships and beach-goers. It’s hard to ignore the pretty ones. But I’m not here for them.

As I walk along side the water, I lift my sunglasses for a moment. The water is so clear and inviting. Boy does that water look nice. Glancing at the colorful fish below and the joyous people above eases my nerves.

This is all becoming a reality, but it feels like a dream.

I met a woman in the service many years ago. When I had to return to the US we decided to keep in touch. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss her. Her elegant hand writing made me miss her all the more. One day, I received a letter saying she was coming to America.

Passing the shops I see just about every souvenir for purchase. Everything from tacky signs, to umbrellas, to customized beer mugs. But I continue to walk. I walk toward the location we promised to meet each other.

I approach a large round building they call the Casino. The beautiful architecture is decorated with artwork.

Finally, I reach my destination. Just outside by the water. I can see California from here.

It’s serene and tranquil. Looking back I can see where I’ve been. Boats bobbing in the water, tourists far away on the beach. And I wait.

And wait.

The waves continue to crash against the wall near me.

But then…After what seems like ages, someone finally comes. It’s her. The sunlight is bouncing off her. She looks as beautiful as the day I met her.

We run toward each other, reunited at last.

It’s time to celebrate. We’re getting in that water.



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